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No Win No Fee Lawyers

As No Win No Fee lawyers, Bannister Law only charge for legal fees and disbursements if your claim is successful.

Legal fees are charges for work that our Professional Injury Lawyers and support staff do for you throughout your claim. That may include writing letters, making or taking telephone calls, preparing documents, negotiating and so on.

We pay disbursements on your behalf. Disbursements are fees charged by third parties which are required to properly prepare your claim. This may include doctor’s reports, medical records, Barristers, experts, Police reports and so on.

No Win No Fee means if your claim is not successful, you will not be charged any legal fees or disbursements. We effectively take on the financial risk when making a claim for catastrophic injury, Motor Vehicle Accident claims, Work Cover claims, workers compensation claims, public liability claims, medical negligence, or superannuation and disability claims.

Are there risks of No Win No Fee lawyers?

Typically the majority of Personal Injury Claims are settled directly with Insurance Companies and do not require the assistance of the court.

If Court proceedings become necessary to maximise your compensation entitlements there are potential financial risks. If the Court proceeding are unsuccessful you may be ordered to pay some of the Insurer’s legal fees and disbursements. In this unlikely event you would not be required to pay any Legal fees or disbursements to Bannister Law.

However, you can withdraw or stop your claim any time prior to court proceeding without any financial consequence to you in relation to legal fees and disbursements.