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Investigation into Mercedes-Benz ML, GL & R Class 2005-2013

Press Release -18 May 2022.
Mercedes-Benz ML, GL & R Class 2005-2013

Bannister Law announces its investigation into losses being incurred by Mercedes vehicle owners of ML, GL & R Class, 2005-2013 after Mercedes issued a recall number rec-005438 on 17 May 2022 which states The sealing of the brake booster may reduce due to corrosion. The corrosion might lead to leakage of the brake booster and a reduction in braking performance. In cases of very severe corrosion, hard braking may damage the brake booster resulting in a reduction of braking performance.

The recall states that “A reduction in braking performance could increase the risk of an accident causing injury or death to vehicle occupants and other road users.”

The recall alarmingly also states
WARNING: Stop driving your vehicle immediately and contact an authorised Mercedes-Benz service centre to arrange for an inspection as soon as possible.”

Bannister Law is wanting to hear from owners who are now facing the reality of having a vehicle that they are unable to drive until inspected, which could take some time, and to understand the losses that they are incurring as a result.

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