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Collection House Limited – Shareholder Class Action Investigation

3 July 2022

Collection House Limited. (ASX:CLH)

Bannister Law is investigating the events that have led to the voluntary appointment of administrators for the company and the further fall of the share price that occurred since the shares fell a cliff at the time of COVID & floods. We are also interested in the projections made by the company in November 2019.

The Brisbane-based company had requested its securities be suspended from trading on the ASX last week and has appointed FTI Consulting as voluntary administrators.

Bannister Law Class Action is investigating the conduct of management, forecasts and representations made to investors about the company. We are particularly interested in the decisions made to sell revenue streams for upfront payments.

“Collections House director Lev Mizikovksy said the sales were “selling the family silver in orders to realise an immediate advantage, and shareholders will be left to clean up the mess in the years to come” AFR 2-3 July 2022.”

Bannister Law looking at the company’s management in light of section 180 of the Corporations Act over the last few years.

Bannister Law is encouraging shareholders and interested parties to register below:

Bannister Law is also interested to hear from anyone who may be able to assist in the investigation on behalf of shareholders.