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Eclipx Group – Investigation

Bannister Law is investigating a potential class action on behalf of shareholders against the company following recent share price falls following disclosures that its published profit growth forecasts need to be revised downwards.

Bannister Law is investigating whether Eclipx breached its continuous disclosure obligations in not announcing its revised profit growth forecasts before 7 August 2018 and whether it had any reasonable basis for making its profit growth forecasts at the time.

Bannister Law has already sought advice from counsel. We encourage any shareholders whose holdings have been devalued by recent events to register their details below.

What is a class action?

Class actions are legal proceedings brought by one person on behalf of a group. Rather than each person pursuing a claim separately, a class action streamlines the process, enabling a dispute involving large numbers of people to be resolved through a single case.

Bannister Law fights for the legal rights of Australian consumers. Bannister Law is also running several of Australia’s most high profile and significant class actions on behalf of consumers, including: the Volkswagen emissions class action, Ford class action, Dick Smith shareholders class action. Bannister Law also ran and resolved the class action against the makers of Nurofen.

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