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Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence Solicitors in New South Wales

If you have previously entrusted another solicitor with a personal injury, medical negligence or industrial disease claim and feel you were badly advised or inadequately compensated, Bannister Law may be able to help you bring a claim against them for professional negligence.

Many clients believe that there is little they can do to change things once their case has been settled, but if you are not satisfied then we can help you take the next step towards securing the correct outcome for your claim.

Such action would be taken against your previous solicitor rather than the person responsible for your original injury, and would be separate from the initial claim.

How Bannister Law can help?

Our experience in personal injury and clinical negligence compensation claims, our professional negligence solicitors will know straight away if something was not right with the way your case was handled previously, and we will be able to show how and why your first solicitor was incorrect to conduct your claim in the way that they did.

We will request all the documents from your previous solicitor on your behalf, meaning you never have to deal with them again. If we feel you were indeed poorly advised and could be eligible for further compensation, we can then act on your behalf going forward to ensure you receive the award you were entitled to, using the details of your initial claim to re-evaluate your financial entitlement.

For more information on how our professional negligence solicitors can help with your claim, or help with other cases such as traffic accident compensation claims, contact Bannister Law on 1300 226 647 and our team will be happy to assist you.