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Investigation into Jaguar, Land Rover, and Range Rover DPF Issues


Investigation into Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Issues


Bannister Law Class Actions is investigating problems concerning the diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover diesel vehicles from model year (MY) 2016 onwards.


Bannister Law have been contacted by consumers and received reports concerning a potential issue with the DPF regeneration in many of these vehicles when driving under normal driving conditions. This in turn requires:


  1. More frequent active regenerations, which can be timely and inconvenient;
  2. Active regenerations take longer to complete and if the DPF becomes blocked, the DPF regeneration can only be completed by a service technician. In some circumstances where the DPF becomes blocked, engine damage can occur and the DPF may require replacing.
  3. When the DPF is blocked, the vehicle has reduced fuel efficiency and can become sluggish when accelerating or go into a restricted performance mode of operation.


Based on these reports, Jaguar Land Rover Australia may not have complied with the statutory guarantee as to acceptable quality with respect of the Affected Vehicles.

Bannister Law is encouraging owners of these vehicles to register and explain any issues they have had below.

For other enquiries please contact [email protected].